M-Artini through the years!

  • Zentangle Workshop

    You learn by teaching what you know. And this is exactly what we did. We conducted our first Zentangle Workshop for an eager student. Love how this turned out. Click Here

  • I Am the One who Knocks! : Wall Art

    A baby pink wall and a client who wanted something Badass. Epicness was bound to happen. Check out the pictures

  • Kalpavriksha : Wall Art

    A new house and one of a kind requirement. Kalpavriksha in its glory on a 10 foot wall spread over 20 feet. Challenge Accepted. A client with an eye for details and sure about what she wants - our favourite kind! What materialised towards the end was truly one among our best efforts so far. Go check out this project close to our heart. Click Here

  • We got featured again Martha!!: TV9

    TV9 featured us along with our wall art at Abhayahasta Hospital, on the job too. We have made a pact to never share the video to anyone. Good luck finding it. (Nah - they just took it down from YouTube. So we can't share it)

  • Abhayahasta Hospital: Wall Art

    As part of our social cause initiative we decided to give back to the society. What better way than to help parents occupy their kids in a place where they don't want to be in the first place? We made the Paediatric Wing a little tolerable with our art. Snail?Check. Frog? Check. Butterflies? Hell yeah! A T-rex?? Oops. Click here

  • Rangadore Memorial Hospital: Wall Art

    After two days of back breaking wall art, here we are showcasing our journey from where we began to the awesomeness we ended up with.The gratification of seeing your own creation not just adorn canvases but also adorn huge walls, is beyond anything we can express in words. A 12 foot Shiva! An 8 foot Tree of life! Go check out the pictures and let us know how much you like them. Click here

  • We Got Featured!! : Deccan Chronicle

    Deccan Chronicle featured us with our wall art on their July 1 edition. We made sure to buy all their copies and personally hand deliver to all our friends and family (a few naysayers included). We also sat patiently with them with a straight face while they read through the entire article. What a day!

  • Sridhara Gudda Ashram: Wall Art

    Our job was simple, beautify the ashram's Rajarajeshwari temple with some awesome wall art. Considering this temple faces the Meditation center, we could think of nothing better than "The Chakras". Check out the amazing pictures in here.

  • Shiva Valley Project : Wall Art

    We transformed a regular backyard of our client's house in BTM to Shiva Valley. The walls were adorned with images of Shiva, Nandi and other Zen animals.These included a radiant flaring Sun , a Brooding Owl and the lizard king staring at you inside the bathroom. Check out the pictures in our Facebook Page.

  • Official Launch of Our website

    After sitting on it for months we finally rolled out our own website. Yaay!

  • WanderTrails : Icon Design for website

    WanderTrails is an online platform that enables people to find and book curated experiences and experiential stays in and around any city that you are in, or plan to visit. So when they reached out to us to design icons for Curated Experience, Experiential Accommodations, Personalised Feeds and Platform for Micro-Entrepreneurs we were more than ready to jump right in.

  • Litlatte : Cover Page Design for their new Book

    When the talented writers from LitLatte reached out to us for designing cover for their upcoming book we decided to give them our best shot. The cover stands out like the content of the book. Check the amazing book and the cover at Amazon.

  • Qtrove : Our Online Partner

    Qtrove is an online portal that sells Curated products. We were more than excited when they contacted us with an offer to sell our bottle art through their website.

  • Carmel School, Bangalore : WallArt

    An opportunity of a lifetime - that's what this meant for us. A chance to paint the hallways and the walkways of budding next generation. We ended up painting 16 walls for the school. Check out the pic's on our Facebook Page.

  • Funky Flea Market : A buy anything and everything Stall

    Still sceptic about our Art we decided to venture and put up a stall in a flea market. Our stall had Bottle Art, Canvas Art, Doodle Art, Jewellery and a lot of anticipation. Needless to say, the response and the appreciation we received was more than we could ever imagine. It opened a whole new world of possibilities for us. Our family and friends stood by us and encouraged us to take the next big step. Check out the pic's on our Facebook Page.

  • Hello World !!

    M-Artini came to life today. Conceptualized and executed within the four walls of someone's house while sipping on mystical coffee specially brewed with poor quality milk and high quality Bru coffee powder.