Know the Dark Forces behind M-Artini

Lakshmi Priya

A Leadership Consultant by the day and a crusading writer & artist by night. She is the backbone of M-artini, constantly dragging the lazy partners and dropping them right in the middle of new ventures and opportunities. Spokesperson for the team, she brings with her years of experience in meticulous planning and execution along with a no nonsense attitude to tasks at hand. Check out Litlatte to read her works on writing.

Nithin L Chandran

Typical Software Engineer trying to find peace and solace in Comic Book's and Anime. Laziest team member who takes up the least amount of work. Often found daydreaming, he brings with him his technical skills and nerdiness. Happy painting his superheroes on fridge magnets and canvas's.

Rashmi Naren

A loving Kindergarten teacher by the day who burns through the canvases by night. An amazing singer, she has completed several courses on various art forms. A passionate person who has made it her mission to learn all that is there about different art forms. This most-creative hands of M-artini churns out art pieces like an assembly line production, be it bottle art, jewellery or abstract paintings.