A cocktail of art giving you everything under one roof

Humble Beginnings!

Three friends with similar artistic bent and values got together to collaborate and to pursue sustainable projects that display a thing or two about recycling, while looking good enough to adorn coffee tables and books nooks. What started as fun projects during lazy weekends eventually morphed into M-Artini, an initiative for the three of us to get together and make things that carry a message. In January 2016, it also became an art space of sorts, to work on projects around the city.

Over the period of time we worked closely with several art enthusiasts to make their vision in to reality. Their testimonials speaks for us. We ventured in to midst of people through flea markets and understood what people really expect and wish to see in their houses. When you buy from us we understand that we are in for a lifelong commitment.

What we Offer

It's difficult to encompass Art and its medium. It comes in so many forms. What appeals to one may not appeal to another. Over the years we have indulged in Madhubani to Murals on mediums from a simple cup to 12 foot Walls. Still, if you have to categorise Art, we would rather categorise it to below four categories.

Home Decor

Bottle Art, Fridge Magnets, Colourful Cups we have it all. Re-imagine your home in a riot of colours.

Wall Hangings

Everything from abstract to superheroes gets sketched and passionately bought to life. Make a statement on your walls.

Wall Art

Be it your office space or your young ones room, why should walls be empty? Change the way you feel.


Stand out with our quirky designs. Rethink the possibilities.Challenge imagination. Stay unique, stay You and stand out.

Got Something Specific in Mind?

Call us now for a personalized art request.

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What Our Fabulous Customers Say

" I went crazy purchasing wall art from M-Artini as souvenirs for my 12 friends back in England and I don't regret it at all. My friends love their work and keep pestering me to get more of it. Their designs are unique and intricate, and build the right kind of curiosity in anyone who walks into my home. I must say they are also terribly reasonably priced. "

" I purchased wall art from M-Artini, it was a beautiful peacock design that occupies my living room wall. It brightens up my home. "

" I went absolutely crazy with their jewellery and bottle collection. If I could, I would've picked up a lot more, especially considering their pricing is super reasonable. "